Summer tobogganing

This activity is suitable for most people. It is both fun, enjoyable and exciting.
You want to go again and again and again...

The track in Rättvik is Europe's longest parallel luge track and once you've mastered the technique, it's fun to compete!
You can also slide down slowly and just enjoy the view.

With a breathtaking view of Siljan, in the heart of Dalarna, you go down Rättvik's ski slope on wheeled sleds in the Nordics' only parallel summer toboggan run. The toboggan is pulled by lift backwards up a rail you enjoy the view and the adventure. The 2 parallel 725 meter long toboggan runs start at the top of Tolvåsberget. You decide the speed down yourself and everyone can go - alone or together.

Summer tobogganing suits most people - you decide for yourself whether you want to go fast or slow. Small children must ride with an adult on a double toboggan, and those who love speed can compete against each other in the 2 parallel tracks. The toboggan is braked in itself, i.e. you press a lever to gain speed, so it can never "rush away". Anyone can ride, but to ride really fast requires some training and technique.

Comfortable clothing is recommended, and ideally you should not go bare-sleeved and in shorts/skirts. If you want to go fast and test the limits, you will easily fall over at the beginning! It's as common as falling over when skiing downhill, get back on the sled and go on.

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