South Africa – Dan Olofsson and his wife Christin saw how the people and children suffered from HIV and AIDS. The couple initiated a project in a small local school and today it has grown to 120 schools in southern Africa. The goal is to inspire young people to believe in their dreams and help them live a life free of HIV and AIDS. Music has a big place in the program and with it as a tool, Star for Life spreads its knowledge.

SATURDAY 28 MARCH 18.00 Star for Life visits Green Hotel with young people from South Africa and Triple & Touch. They offer a colourful music experience where tolerance, love and hope are the focus.

Music, food & drinks at price, SEK 375 / pers (dinner & 2 glasses of wine)
Dinner starts right after the show and during dinner, the owner Salka, among other things, puts her sabres sword and one Easter stay at Green hotel on auction. Feel free to include your valuables in the auction.