Green Hotel is located at the top of Tällberg with a fantastic view over Siljan. We arrange your fishing day when you book your accommodation with us.

Book accommodation online or at [email protected] and on 0247-500 00. Fishing trips are only booked by mail or phone

Trolling Fishing in summer

Trolling is a sport fishing method where one can drag baits or tackle via a boat. Common fish species that you troll in Siljan are trout & pike. Together with Guidefathers, you can ride in their Silver 630 ink with all the equipment needed to catch the big fish.

Price: 4,000: – / 4 hours for up to 4 people ink equipment

Perch fishing in winter

Day trips to Ejheden which is one of Sweden’s best perch fish spots.

Price: 2-10 people including fishing equipment, fishing license for 10 people and two scooters 9400: – ex. VAT

10-15 people including two people guiding, fishing equipment, fishing license for 15 people and two scooters 14600: – ex. VAT