Culture trip

Welcome to a cultural trip in the heart of Sweden – Dalarna.

The Green Hotel is located in the middle of 9 cultural prides of the area that you can explore with your unique passport. You collect stamps in your pass and will be rewarded with an exclusive copy of the cultural trips’ dalahorse.

The package includes a 2-night stay, breakfast, 3-course dinner on both evenings and your cultural pass. There are a lot of places to experience and you are welcome to visit us several times or stay longer.

We offer you a 10% discount on your stay and meals from day 3 (contact us directly if you would like to use this offer)

Read more about The cultural trip & sites to visit:
Kulturresan DalarnaAvesta ArtZornmuseetCarl Larsson gårdenFalu GruvaHildasholmOrnässtuganPorfyrmuseetDalarnas museum and Nils Olsson Dalahästar.

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