We have a varied range of beers. Our list consists of beers from smaller and bigger breweries from Sweden. Many small breweries have opened in the neighbourhood and to support them we have picked out a few to our list.

We have something for every taste. Try out our own pride’Tällbergs IPA’ from Leksand’s Brewery. Keep an eye on a yellow label.



Spelmans Ale, Leksands Bryggeri

Tällbergs IPA, Leksands Bryggeri

Sitting Bulldog IPA

Amber Ale, Mora Bryggeri

Guldpilsner, Mora Bryggeri

Grängesberg Pilsner 50 cl


Krusovice Imperial

Mariestads Export 50 cl

Mariestads Dunkel 50 cl

Wisby Stout

Melleruds Utmärkta Pilsner

Grängesbergs Lättöl

Briska Päron

Briska Äpple