En konstert i kalkbrottet Dahalla är oförglömlig

Accommodation Dalhalla – 1 night

There is so much to say about Dalhalla that the words are almost not enough. But if we convey a fraction of our guests’ comments after an evening in the unique arena, the following must be included: breathtaking, unique, magical, unforgettable and indescribably beautiful. World-class music among mountains, water and forest. The conclusion is therefore to visit Dalhalla. At least once in a lifetime. Preferably more!

Add comfortable accommodation and a delicious dinner before the concert and a tasty shake after the music experience and you maximize your experience. The dinner is served 4 hours before the start of the concert and for those of you who have booked a bus transfer to Dalhalla, it departs 2 hours before the start of the concert.

NOTE! Tickets for the concert are not included in the package. Current information, programs and concert tickets can be found on Dalhalla’s website www.dalhalla.se

For questions about our Dalhalla packages, please contact us at mail@greenhotel.se or telephone. 0247-500 00


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